A visa for C5 category for business immigrants is required for all foreigners who plan to register a new company or join an existing one. With this visa, a foreign citizen has the right to be a member of any company on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as to work in any position in the state without additionally obtaining a work permit. The initial C5 visa is issued only in the country of permanent residence (citizenship, residence permit). It is issued once for three months. After receiving the initial visa, a foreign citizen arrives in Kazakhstan to register a new company or to join an existing one. After registration, a package of documents for visa extension for one year is submitted. In this case, a multiple-entry visa will be obtained with the right to renew each year. Upon receipt of the initial visa, a consular fee (usually 80 USD) is paid. When renewing a visa for one year, a state duty is paid (approximately 200 USD).

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