A visa of category C3 is issued to full-time employees of the company on the basis of a Permit to attract foreign labor (Work Permit). To get a Permit, the invited employee must have a document on higher or professional education. In case of a positive decision of the Commission for the issuance of the Permission, the employer must pay the state fee in the amount of 900 USD to 1500 USD. Permission is issued for one year. There are categories of employees in the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan who do not need to obtain a Permit, these are company leaders and their deputies, subject to certain conditions. Foreign citizens who are the founders (participants) of the company are not issued a C3 work visa, as they are required to get a C5 category visa (for business immigrants), which will allow them to work in any position without a Work Permit. Contact us for more information, we will help you find the best solution for registration of all foreign citizens, strictly by law.

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